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ABC Dentistry at 1/102 Burnett Street in Buderim, QLD

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1/102 Burnett Street,
Buderim, QLD
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Phone: +61 7 5476 5400


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  • My son had to have two molars removed a few months ago. Kylie and her team were extremely friendly, helpful and informative. I was unsure how my son would react to having teeth pulled out in the chair but he was so settled due to Kylie and her amazing staff. My son left the dentist raving on about how fun it was and how he couldn't wait to tell all his friends at school about his experience. As for the price, I found them a lot cheaper than what other dentists quoted me and they also helped me to sign up with Smile and private health to get the cheapest treatment plan. Overall, an extremely great experience for myself and my son. Could not rate them high enough!
    Kathleen curtis
    June 09, 2017
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    So disappointed with this dentist kylie and the way she treats Staff and patients and parents is appalling. We took our son here as he has severe decay we believe from sustigen milk formular. We were told he needs $1800 plus of treatment. He's in lots of pain. Naturally we were upset and nervous and had many questions as surgery is a massive thing for a 2 year old. But our concerns and fears esculated when we had no communication regarding the time of the appointment with the hospital. Their brochure says we can pick our anesthesiologist but when we asked we were told, not only no, but we were abused for asking and even spoken to In a condescending tone. Further, we were told surgery was 6:30am only at 3pm on the day before the scheduled surgery. Then when we said our care for our second child is only from 6:30am and could we make it later we were again spoken down to and said if the dentist can make it, why can't you. I explained that I had 2 kids and i wanted to focus on the one having surgery and getting a sitter so late was impossible. At the initial appointment I had to make all the enquiries with the health fund as they had no experience with it. The staff wasted time going through the same information already requested by phone but couldn't be clear about hospital requirements. The worst part is after the surgery they wanted me to take my son from the hospital to their clinic to get the refund from the health care provider this is despite me saying at the first appointment ill pay up front. I was late to the appointment because the traffic is horrible and the place is hard to find. No explanation was provided by staff at any time even when booking or calling to be late where the place was but I was abused by email for being late. I watched how Kylie degraded a new employee for not putting in the information to the computer but she was training and doing her best. I asked for a second tooth brush for my daughter (worth maybe $3) and had to argue for it even though I offered to buy it. I did pay for it and was happy to. But the argument wasnt necessary. Both my kids are treated the same. Further a staff member confided in me when kylie was out of the room attending to the staff member she hadnt trained properly that she was scared of kylie and had to baby sit her kids. They say everything happens for a reason and im so glad that Kylie didn't get to operate on my child as ive lost confidence today and cancelled the surgery. I should have seen the warning signs right from the start when sitting in the reception being asked the exact same information I'd spent time supplying at the time of the appointment that they don't communicate effectively. This was also evident when they couldn't even explain or assist how to complete the hospital admission form. My advice - don't waste your time and money coming here. My son will remain in pain and is back waiting on a hospital list because of Kylie's multiples levels of incompetence - and they say Doctors are supposed to be here to help - well not this one!!!! Be warned!!!@ well lucky for me ive got the support and love of my regular dentist who has me in to see a qualified and respected child dentist tomorrow. I'm happy to supply all emails between us evidencing the communication between us if anyone wants to see how I was treated first hand.
    Concerned Parents
    April 20, 2017
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